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A Fight Breaks Out

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An email I recently sent to my list…

(Some context for anyone not on my email list. Bella is one of my cats and recently had to undergo eye surgery. It was a very stressful and scary time for me, but it went well and she’s doing great.)

Now that everything has been sorted out with Bella, Dragon Magic is launched, and my webstore set up, I can now focus all of my attention on the next book, Shifter Magic

Which, considering everything that’s been going on, is coming along quite well. I should be more than 30% of the way through the first draft by the end of this weekend. Yay.

Shifter Magic, book 3 in the Starfall Grove series, will feature Forrest and Desmond and continues the saga, starting with them getting into trouble with…

“Hey. Why does Forrest get his story next? What about me?”

Looks over at Birch, whose bottom lip is sticking out.

“Are you pouting?”

“No.” Birch crosses his arms and looks away. “I just think it should be my turn.”

Yep. Definitely pouting. “Sorry Birch. Forrest’s story is next.”

“But why? He’s already been in the other books. It should be my turn.”

Forrest jumps into the conversation. “Sheri said I’m next, little brother. So you’re just gonna have to wait.”

And because Forrest can be a bit of an ass, he pats Birch on the head, then gives him a nougie. 

Birch smacks his hand away. “I want to meet my mate and get my happy ever after. I deserve it after everything I’ve been through.”

“Been through? What are you talking about?”

Before Birch can answer, someone else enters the conversation.

“If anyone deserves to go next, it’s me. I’ve been here the longest.”

We all look over at Emerson, who’s lounging against the wall, looking rather dashing in a sleek grey suit and leather shoes.

“Emerson, please don’t,” I say, hoping to cut this off before it can get out of hand. 

“What? Gabe’s my partner and he got his story. It really should be my turn next.”

“Well, it’s not.” Birch marches over to Em. “Just because you’re a big bad detective, it doesn’t mean you get to shove your way to the front of the line.”

“Yeah. What Birch said.” Forrest goes and stands next to his brother. “No using your authority to cut in. It’s the back of the line for you, mister.”

Oh my god. Bangs head on desk.

“That’s right, copper.” Birch pokes Emerson in the chest. “So why don’t you just go back to wherever you came from.” He pokes Emerson again.

“Look, you may be cute and all,” Emerson drawls, catching hold of Birch’s hand, “but I’m not going to let you keep poking me.”

There’s a moment of blessed silence, then…

“You think I’m cute? Like…how cute?” 

Oh, dear lord. 

“Okay. That’s enough. Everybody back to your corners.”


“No. No buts. You guys are going to ruin everything if you don’t stop.”

“We wouldn’t…”

“Shh. Nobody talks but me.” Waits a second, but everyone stays quiet. “Alright, so that we’re clear. Forrest is next. Birch, you’re going to have to be patient and wait your turn. Same with you, Emerson. I know you’ve been here the longest but it’s not time for your story yet. Soon, I promise.”

Emerson nods and fades away. 

After a bit of pushing and shoving, Forrest and Birch do the same.

Okay. Where was I? Right. Forrest and Desmond’s book. They’re up next…unless I strangle someone, which isn’t out of the realm of possibilities.

However…if I can keep these guys under control, I’ll try to get it done as quickly as possible. 

And if you’re ever wondering how it’s going, you can check on my progress by visiting my WIP page. I try to update it weekly…usually Sunday nights.

Anyway, it’s been a lot of fun, but I think that’s enough for now.

Until next time,

Sheri “wrangling her unruly characters so she can get some writing done” Eleese.

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